Rejects is now available on Amazon.com!

*(ignore the 4-6 weeks shipping, that's old news... it's now IN-STOCK!)

If you have yet to purchase the book, know that you get a free postcard-sized print when you buy from
RejectsTheBook.com, as well as supporting the arts more directly, and helping artists like myself have the capability to publish another book (wha?... hint hint).

If you have already purchased Rejects, be a pal and sign in at Amazon.com to leave your feedback and rating for my book! The more feedback it gets the more exposure the book will get, and the more support you will be giving to the art of caricature, illustration, cartooning, etc. I know it sounds sappy, but give it a shot!


Ken said...

I hope to buy very very soon!

Unknown said...

Hello Joe. Thanks for your comment in my blog. Wow! Your work is very strong. I like.

Roshanda said...

My copy arrived a few weeks ago. I still look at it almost every day. It's a great book!