I'm here in Orlando and my buddy Keelan was giving me a hard time because I haven't updated my blog. Too bad his is so "efficient" and "timely"... ugh.

Well, Megacon is this weekend (today is the last day) and today is the last day of the show. Drop in and get a book or a drawing or just to say hi and bring me a SugarFree RedBull.


Craig Zablo said...

Dude... Keelan is right about updating. I won't be at the show today, but would have been happy to pick you up a SugarFree RedBull on Friday or Saturday!

Thanks for the great "Reject" of my buddy, Big Dave. I should have bugged you for another Stallone...

Hope you had a great show!

Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

Good seeing you this weekend man, It was a pleasant surprise....even though you broke my heart. One day we'll work side by side.

Terry Elliott said...

An update! Yes! Joe, when are you coming to Atlanta?? Why do you hate us?

Jamie Rockwell said...

Nice entry, Bluhm.

"Yeah, so, if you come see me at Megacon, either buy something from me or bring me a specific drink of my choosing." God, I hate you.

Or is it that I miss you more than I'd feel comfortable admitting? I just don't know anymore.