Working in New York

The city can get old... all the buildings, little 'nature', and the hustle-bustle of everyday traffic. But it can also be beautiful. At the animation studio we have a great deck observing midtown Manhattan from the 10th and 11th floor. When we get couped up, it's nice to see the city and sky. New York isn't all that bad.
(click image to see larger version)


Marion said...

What a view, incredible!
How did you make this picture, do you have a landscape lens?

Joe Bluhm said...

Marion- an animator that I am working with took several photographs with his digital camera from one point, then used photoshop to assemble it all. He did a great job.

Gabriel Hunt said...

The bar-b-que is the impressive part.

Gabriel Hunt said...
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Stevey Vega said...

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