Finally... another video!

I've gotten around to editing the last video I recorded. Future videos will have sharper production quality as well as better audio, as I've ironed out a few errors since recording this one. But I hope you enjoy!

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Lash LeRoux said...

Awesome as always, Joe! Thanks so much for this wonderful study. You have really helped my work grow more than you will ever know!

carloscartoons said...

Tanks for this...

Your work is great...


CaseyBug said...

Oh so you're that guy huh?
That guy I've heard about.
What's that like? Being that guy.

Nice to meet ya, great work.
I enjoy it.



Josh Spencer said...

Thank you so much for posting this.
Its great to see more of your process.


Anonymous said...

great work!

i really like 2 ask u a few things bout the painting,is there any mail i can send 2?

Joe Bluhm said...

Thanks for all the kind words!

Anonymous, write any time: joe AT joebluhm DOT com