CARICATURE on the brain

There's a great two-minute video and short analysis posted over at Tom Richmond's blog. I hope Tom doesn't mind three more people reading his drivel (hyuk hyuk!), so check it out. VERY cool take on caricature and the human face...

PS: I still have a couple weeks 'til the warehouse receives the bulk shipment of my new book, so preorder while you still can.


Nelson Santos said...

That Tim Watts work is awesome nice catch Joe.

Mikey said...

Joe, that is an awesome video. That is exactly how I try to explain caricature to people, only much more eloquently spoken.

McTodd said...

Marvellous stuff, thank you.

In his excellent illustrated book 'A Nasty Piece of Work', ostensibly a history of 'Spitting Image' but so much more, Roger Law refers to Tim Watts as 'the child labour', as Watts was only 17 when he started work on 'Spitting Image'!

Watts later went on to make the wonderful stop-motion short, 'The Big Story' (with 'Spitting Image' colleague David Stoten), which featured a group of Kirk Douglases, voiced by Frank 'Riddler' Gorshin.