another Moleskine scan

Here's another sketchbook scan:


Dave "Rock" Cowles said...

Joe, I feel your pain! Medical stuff with my daughter and I as well as an expensive unplanned move have depleted my piggybanks and I will not be attending at all. I hope you make it, Buddy!

I know I am going to miss it terribly. It was awesome last year!

Tooninator said...

Joe. I'm in the exact same boat dude. I wish i could help at all, but I'm taking a big risk this year going to the con as well. I'm fortunate enough that it's only a few hours away from my Canadian home, but it's not going to be easy at all. I just really hope I'm making the right decision. And I really hope you make it because it'd be a shame if the biggest name in caricature didn't make the con the first time I go.

Cheers buddy. See you in a few