A SketchSnack

I know I say it too often, but this past year-and-a-half, it's been true... I've been just too busy to remember to blog. I really need to make a habit of it, and it's my promise to you to I will soon get back to a podcast or two and some art updates.

The production of our first animated short film here at Moonbot Studios (yes, I'm still in Shreveport, LA) is going great and flying full-speed ahead. I can't wait for us to share this with the world, and share the art I created as my parts in this film production.

BUT FOR NOW - here's a little snack. I'll do this from time to time to keep this blog alive- sketches or paintings that I've done for fun, work, other projects, etc.

THIS first one is a pitch for a Bridgestone commercial earlier in the year. Quick warmup doodles of Fred Couples and Lee Trevino. The final was to be a caricature puppet commercial, but Bridgestone apparently got cold feet. That happens a lot. ;)

Talk soon!


Tooninator said...

Hey Joe. Nice to have ya back. Love the sketches

Everybody's gotta be in a Gang said...

I did this same exact assignment, Joe, with the same outcome.
Went through a lot of revisions... They seemed to be afraid of too much exaggeration... what's new?
Images on my blog if you're interested.
Good job, btw.

Attractive Art Community (Big Sam) said...

Good to see your gonna be back man! we gotta draw each other more!

Terry Elliott said...

Looking forward to the podcasts! Thanks in advance!

Vincenzo said...

Ahhh yes...finally a little taste!!!

All the best

Katie Lawter said...

Your sketches make me want to shake an angry fist of jealousy. Love your crosshatching. Reminds me of 3D modeling grids in their preciseness.

Adrian Lubbers said...

You never cease to amaze Joe.