I miss painting.

So I started to paint again. 

Artists and creatives often get stuck in a rut when they have an idea but don’t see the confident or clear angle to attack or resolve it.  I’ve been in that position a hundred or more times, and it feels like you are considering “what’s best” for your work.  Or how to “figure all of it out” before you execute.

It makes sense, right?

The issue then is that you start to noodle.  How many ways can you skin this cat?  When is the right time to schedule it?  How do you promote it to the world?  Who do you invite to collaborate?  Do you have time in your schedule to set aside regularly?  Is there a benefit?  Do you need to unwind instead?

...is this REALLY what you want to do with your time?

This last question was part of my hesitation for many ideas and projects, for years.  I decided recently that this is never going to be an obstacle again.  The thought of letting time pass by, and with it opportunity and creative want, is something that I can no longer think about and let happen.  I can’t bear it.

For whatever reason— age, position, circumstance, spirituality, or other— it hit me out of nowhere.  One day I was walking along and doing some shopping when the idea of our limited time on this planet engulfed my brain.  It took over my entire being.  Thinking of those who shaped me, and what they did.  Thinking of those who change the world.  Thinking of how over 32 years has already passed and looking at how little there could be left… put me in a place of shock.

I mulled it over for a while.  I’ll be honest, it was tough.  But there was a spark that was created… and ember grew and turned into a little flame.  A fire was ignited:  I will not pass up the chance to do WHAT I CAN WHILE I AM STILL HERE.
This made me happy.  This made things seem easy.

So since then I have been rekindling all of my personal projects and desires.  The art that I want to make, the experiences I want to have.  The things I feel I can effect with those around me.  It is rejuvenated.

So I’m painting again.  I’ll share more art as it comes out here, but yes — I’m painting large scale art on canvas.  Something I (for God knows WHAT reason) have not been doing for years.  It feels great.
There are other things I’m planning and working on as well, and I’ll share them as they come.

If you can do me, and yourself, one favor: don’t noodle.  Be bold.  That thing you’ve been thinking about doing?  Creating?  Making?  Exploring?  

Do it.


stephanie said...

Hey Joe. I've been feeling this way myself, so little time to waste it thinking about doing something....Do it! Thanks for this.

Unknown said...

do itttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!! NAWWWWWWWWWWWW! Life is an opportunity take it!!!

Karl S said...

nice post Joe, get stuck in.


Amanda Nikki said...

Thanks for posting about this topic Joe. You've echoed exactly what has been bouncing around in my head for a while and something I just recently posted on my fb about. We do have a limited time on earth, and it's up to us to choose what we do with that time. I can't tell you how many times, since high school (what feels like ages ago) that I constantly gripe about our bodies needing sleep. That's 8 hours I could be painting! or drawing, or something productive! Anyways...thanks for posting. It's good to see that a person who is one of my biggest inspirations(and amazingly successful to boot), struggles with some of the same stuff. And you still find ways to get it done. You rock dude. :)

Barbara Hymer said...

Great post! I've been in the same place, and just started painting again.

張藝耀 Changyiyao said...

Great article!
I love your Art Works!
And I'll also be painting.


Renee Kurilla said...

Oh this is just the BEST. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me, Joe.