more "rejects" from REJECTS

In my book, available this July, you will see many extreme caricatures of real people from the theme parks, but some images didn't make it to the book. Some due to editing and space and others due to quality. Either way, here are some of Rejects' REJECTS.


This is of caricaturist and character artist Dave Wolter. He's very very talented and was working with me at Knott's Berry Farm this day. I tried about 8 times to capture him and this is what I got. I was pretty happy with it, but just lacked space in the book.

This boy got a free demo drawing- Black and White, completed in about 2 minutes. He walked away and I continued to color it from memory (which often produces the most interesting result, as you're now committed to the drawing, not the subject). When his family came back, they laughed histerically saying, "He does look like a little old man- we tell him that ALL THE TIME!" ...yet they wouldn't spring even $8 for the sketch. No worries, though... they genuinely liked the drawing and had a good laugh. Unfortunately, it's not quite good enough for the book, but I can at least show it here.

I've just confirmed that I'll be drawing in the Southern California Kaman's Art Shoppes theme parks from June 2-June 17. I'm really looking forward to it and plan on really stretching the quality of the drawings, the appeal of the product to customers (sales) and overall exaggeration. It will be a good time, drawing next to some great caricature artists. If you're in CA, drop me a line and stop by and get a cheap, funny sketch!


Michael Herrera said...

Greetings Joe.
My name is Michael Herrera and I'm a California caricaturist. I've been following you blog for a long time now. It's great to follow along with your insight into the world of retail caricature and your art is awesome. I was wondering: what theme parks will you be working at whilst in California? It'd be awesome to stop by and say hello. Thanks, and a big congratulation for completing your book.
Also, I love the expression on that last "old man" kids face. It speaks volumes about his personality. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Yo!!, i had a similar question about your time in california. I know kaman's has Knotts in buena park, Legoland in Carlsbad and San Diego Zoo. If you're going to be at knotts in buena park, let me know when and i'll be glad to stop by and get a sketch. awesome work bro. hey how come you're using a design 229-l instead of the hyped markette you spoke about? .je.

Joe Bluhm said...

I'm using the old DESIGN marker, because that's an old video! It's from 2004, and the Markette didn't yet exist.

My schedule isn't fleshed out yet (to my knowledge) but I know that most of my time will be spent at Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, the Wild Animal Park, possibly LegoLand and maybe Knott's. I'll keep everyone updated here as soon as I know.

Thanks for the interest! I hope you stop by for a sketch... but I'll have to charge you, like everyone else! :)

Gabriel Hunt said...

Was the old man kid done at Legoland?

Joe Bluhm said...

Yes, Gaber - it was.

Faboun'e said...

Hi ! I'm a French and I love what you 're doing. I'm work on my drawing and I'm a student in Design and comics & publicity draw. I'm would just say you that You're (with Kruger and all other) a good inspiration for me, I learn all your things and I made a lot of "caricatures". I would know what you think about my work at http://fabounedraw.over-blog.com/. I don't make realy realy goods drawing but I have fun !!! Thanks for all and for trying to understand my bad English !!! see ya

Anonymous said...

That's definately David Wolter... I think somehow you have to make him look tall in that picture... It is clearly one of the most noticable things about him.

Anonymous said...

I worked with Dave Wolter the summer of '05 at Valley Fair Amusement Park and I recognized him right away! Good job!