Simple Caricature

You may have noticed the small logo-like caricature on the top of my website, JoeBluhm.com - it is inspired by Al Hirschfeld and Stephen Silver's work, and used to accent the menu and header of the online portfolio. This style and the work of these two men is a heavy influence on a lot of my simple caricature and overall design sense while drawing. I love seeing this type of work and plan on doing more simple cartoon work in the future.

I've been asked about this style a few times, and it's been referenced as direction for commissions. Here is one example where an actor asked for me to basically replicate the look of my own caricature on my website. It was to be used in a similar fashion on his own promotional material. He provided nearly a dozen reference photos with specific preferences and direction.

From there, I did some sketching until I was happy, and inked over the pencil in my sketchbook with a Faeber-Castell PITT brush pen. The drawing was then scanned and cleaned up in Adobe Photoshop and put on a separate layer to allow for it to lay on any background, giving a similar effect to my own caricature on my website.

This is just one piece that I found while browsing my backup hard drive last week. I get sad when artwork is not shared with other artists. I feel like it's lost in a hidden catalog while it could be seen by others to spur discussion, inspiration or any other reaction. I'm a big fan of sketchbooks, doodles and process. I guess that's my only point with today's blog post.


Danny said...

Love this simplistic style.

I also enjoy to see an artist's sketchbook/doodles/scribbles, it really gives one a sense of what the artist is thinking.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us peek into your sketchbook! I agree, I love seeing other artists' thumbnails and their unique processes. I almost always prefer my own early, loose sketches but I could just be lazy.
By the way, I visit this site often for inspiration and insight. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work. It's beautiful.