Sexy Ladies

This is a side of artwork that I don't share or use too much, but am beginning to appreciate it more and more. Just a peek at a bit of the new stuff for Comic-Con in San Diego, later this month.

* this one is definitely inspired by my friend Alberto!


Craig Zablo said...


Nice work. Alberto is amazing, isn't he? He's done a few Stallone's for me. You can see them at:





Yeah, it's shameful that I'm bragging... but I'm proud, baby!

Unknown said...

I admire your work. Excellent and inspiring.

C.B. Canga said...

nice job joe. sexy ladies are always fun to draw.

Hamiltoons said...

Alberto is amazing and a really nice guy to hang with at a con. And this pic of yours Joe is a winner. I definitely see some influence in there!

Kelly Toon said...

Sexy Ladies make the world go round! I have http://www.domai.com set as my homepage!!