Jerry & Larry, another warmup sketch

To get warmed up for a new piece, I decided to do a sketch of two guys whose comedy I adore, as well as whom I've been meaning to draw for a while now. This is about 45 minutes on the Wacom Cintiq. My intention was to plan a simple line drawing cartoon, but then realized I wanted to see more light/shadow. This would be fun to turn into a more complete painting (a species that I hope to share more of soon).


SEILER said...

Joe, this is cool and your sketches have a nice look to them would be cool to see a book of this type of work . . . I'd buy it in a hot second. One thing, hope you don't mind? Your Larry David is great, but there's something off a bit about Jerry's eyes and nose? Line as a medium is harsh in comparison to painting, and I know that your final of this would be top of the line. I only comment because I know you appreciate more than a " Hey looks great man"

Love ya Joe, looking forward to hanging out in a few weeks!

Derek Edwards said...

Your Wacom warm-ups rock. Keep 'em coming.

Unknown said...

Nice finding, this blog.
I like the drawing, and I love them too. Can't wait for the woody allen movie with larry david in main role!

Tim Bye said...

Wow Joe this is great! I LOVE the style - it looks loose but works well as a finished piece! ...and it's funny!

Will Appledorn said...

great sketch, really like the contrast between the shapes of their heads.

Josh Spencer said...

Oh man Larry David. He's not angry enough.
I like the one with the whites makes it really jumps out.

keep it up.

Joe Bluhm said...

Thanks guys.

Jason, you're right, and I feel that way about the eyes/nose as well. I don't think it's developed enough, or solid enough to leave alone. Maybe I'll make something of this piece and work on it more.

Always appreciate the crit over the compliments... but those aren't so bad either. ;)

Adrian Lubbers said...

Joe, you're amazing. I've been watching your videos as well, especially the Rejects ones..... What can I say. WOW. I love the shapes you come up with in your drawings the most!!

You are officially linked.

Marco Bucci said...

Awesome one! Two of my favourite comedians/celebrities. I think this sketch could easily fuel a finished painting, and knowing you, you would improve on the likenesses even more in the process.

C.B. Canga said...

awesome job as always joe. keep it up.

Aaronphilby said...

Larry David's awesome, and Jerry's muscle body is really funny!

Paul Moyse said...

These are great Joe, 'curb' is one of my favourite shows.

While we're giving crit on Jerry, for me his lats are a little too pronounced. Not sure if he's that muscular.

Loving the technique, and the Paul Newman sketch is great as well!

Milenko said...

Hoho, they are my favourite two as well.
Really nice job for sure.
And the rest of your work is a blast too.
When I grow up I would like to be at least as close to the level of your skill and talent as possible.

Thanks for sharing awesome work,



Ken Knafou said...

Nice to see some more sketches from you lately. I'd like to see more sketchbook stuff here.

And I love you more that Jason Seiler does.

Everybody's gotta be in a Gang said...

Hey Joe- looks great, and since you appreciate the crits, I'm just curious as to the thickness of Jerry's neck and wider shoulders...?
Maybe it has to do with the concept of your illustration? Is there an idea behind it?

Adam Ford said...

Duper Cool!

Joe Bluhm said...

Great crits and comments.

As for Jerry's "muscle body": You are right, and I see it now. His posture in the reference is much like this, but perhaps in thinning his head shape, I pronounced his neck and traps too much. It is purely a mistake while warming up, and I'll most likely go adjust it now and see where it leads... perhaps to a finished painting.

Thanks so much- I really love crits and feedback.