MegaCon - Orlando, FL

I'll be in Orlando, FL next weekend (Feb 27 - Mar 1) for MegaCon at the Orlando County Convention Center. This is a photo from my table last year-- this year I'll have several more (NEW) books for you to peruse and purchase, and I'll be drawing caricatures of YOU! So drop in and say hi, I'll be at the Joe Bluhm/ Art Squared Publishing table, in the Indy Press section -- Blue 16.

Sorry for the lack of art here - I'm doing a LOT, I promise... I'll post some new art soon.


Ken Knafou said...

Woohoo! I'm famous!

Craig Zablo said...

I hope to get over on Saturday. If so, I'll swing by and say "Hi."

NEM said...

Rrrraaaaaaa!!! I wish I could go... Have fun man.