Great guests = good drawings

This family was particularly fun. They loved exaggeration and gave the young couple such a hard time. Everyone laughed, and it was great. I was pretty happy with this sketch. It may have taken all of 25 minutes, though.


caricatureguy said...

I Luuuuuuuuvvvvv her eyes! The guy's very good too. Her nose could use a little more structure color wise though.

Joey said...

Joe, it's been a while since I've seen your in-park work. I was uber-excited to hear about this blog... and pretty much all of these sketches make me want to cry.

The main things about your in-park work that astound me are as follows: 1) The overlapping of shapes to work in positive and negative space. This drawing in particular uses this concept with the compositional placement of their heads, along with the shape overlapping of his nose to his eyes to his hat. 2) The use of the upper body to complete the composition. It's what separates you from the bad artists.

Well done, Joe.