Last week:

I really had a good marker on this one - for those who draw live with Dixon Markettes, you know what I mean! It's rare that you get one that's just dancin... this one was. Except for the weak eyes, it's a fun drawing, and I tried some new things, got the crowd (and family- LOVE BRITS!) into it, and was very happy with it. The kid had a GREAT mouth.


rickgo said...

do you feel that adding most of the upper torso really slows you down?(in reference to your previous sketches)you do it really well and it adds a lot to your sketch,i'm not used to seeing someone do that much with a sketch in a retail atmosphere,at dorney park there were a lot of floating heads.hah.
also,great soccer body,its tough to keep those fun and interesting after a while.

Joe Bluhm said...

Do you mean, how the shoulders are behind his head? - I think whatever adds to the attitude and posture/gesture, in what one is trying to show, helps the final product... sometimes it's lots of neck, sometimes it's no neck. Here, I wanted him to be slumped over in a soccer poise. Almost 'coiled'.

I get bored with bodies very fast, as well... I like it when I am interested in the face, and can come up with an inventive pose. I find it's hard to maintain that kind of energy over a long day.