I was fairly pleased with this. Weak color, but it's almost what I envisioned. B+

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Damion009 said...

OK, its funny how things change. just look at the comments your getting now vs how little comments you got when you first started your blog! its like day and night. even though most of these drawings are in your book.( witch is AMAZING bye the way!) it hard to see Y O U as just another artist. but this is prof that at one point you were. i look at all the awesome drawing you've done and how fare you've come, and i think to my self. "maybe, just maybe i can do the same." the world is full of amazing artist. there out there. BUT, it's not common to see an awesome artist that has what it takes to be remembered in the pages of history. maybe thats why you have such a big following. i know that people tell you that your the best and that your insane...etc and i know you feel that you have so much more growing to do as an artist! and thats what makes you that guy! your amazingly awesome now and your only going to get better!!! I too dream of have my own spot in history. and one day i think I'll get it! sorry for the long, L O N G comment but as a fan i just wanted to say not that your awesome. but why i though you were.

cheers dude!