iPhone 3G

I caved, and it is amazing.


Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

I share your lust Joe. In one month I'm eligible for an upgrade, then I too shall possess such a wonderfully geeked out piece of technology

Tom R said...

I stuck with my 1st Gen version rather than upgrade. Other than the 3G speed boost (for which I'd have to pay an extra $120 a year in service charges) and the true GPS (which I understand isn't the most accurate due to the small antennae) I got all the other fun stuff via the 2.0 upgrade. The apps are great!!

Joe Bluhm said...

Tom, you're completely right (with a slight exception on the GPS - I have wowed my friends by letting them watch the little blue orb follow us down a small NYC street). My producer skoffed at your initial review of a 'non-upgrade' in hardware, but now after the 2.0 install, he's considering going your route and sticking with what he's got.

But for a first-time user, I had to get it ($200!) and I'm happy. Overall, the big issue is to find a live social app. that properly utilizes the GPS, contacts, and network without the trickery of text-message charges.

Anonymous said...

I have a the first gen 6GB iphone and I have to give it two thumbs up for sure! Love mine. Plus the new 2.0 update is really cool.

Gabriel Hunt said...

I'm next

Anonymous said...

it should be called the iOverhyped. its no different from phones that have been out for years!. seriously, its not that good. texting on it stinks and there was no picture messaging! (why would they remove that feature?).. Other than the puurrty interface, its all hype and stupid apple fan-boy, homo-craze. You're all putz for buying into it.

Joe Bluhm said...

Hey, "anonymous" (big balls you got there), I've been a lifelong PC guy. I own a Dell. I now have GPS tracking, organizer, calendar, subway map, internet, calculator, weather updates and satellite maps, expense reports, radio, ipod, and much more - ALL in my pocket. And guess what: both the phone and plan is cheaper than every verizon equivalent, for how many minutes I use.

I've been the ANTI-apple fanboy for years, but people like you may just convert me one day. Have fun!

Hamiltoons said...

I have to say that I've also been a PC guy but this last January for my birthday I got the iPOD Touch. With the exception of having no phone nor picture taking ability it's the same piece of hardware. I just upgraded to the 2.0 software (delete more than one email at a time, yippeee!) and agree Joe. There hasn't been a day since I bought it that I haven't used it. And now that there are new apps (a lot are free) and games it's even more fun. Try the Crash Bandicoot racing game using the accelerometer (tilt the ipod to steer).

Now I want to the new 3G. I don't want it because it's got faster phone speed. I want it because I want my phone and my iPOD to be in the same handheld. Then I can give my wife my Touch so she can enjoy the iPOD too. I'll wait until the exclusivity deal with AT&T is over and then get it with my SPRINT plan (I hope).

Oh and I too love anonymous posters on my blog. Their posts don't see the light of day. If you can't post telling who you are then it's like you never really posted.

Tom R said...

There's always somebody who feels left out or needs to bad mouth something because it's getting a lot of attention. 10 to 1 "anonymous" has never even held an iPhone.

I tried a number of PDAs over the years. I had a Palm, an HP iPaq (Windows Mobile) and even a tiny Toshiba laptop called a Libretto. Nothing comes close to the iPhone. E-mail, web, the new 2.0 software and 3rd party apps... it's pretty good.

Perfect? No. Needs photo messaging, better camera, voice dialing, flash support and a few other features.

EL GRANDE said...

I can't wait to get mine

Joe y Elio

Not Just Some Drawing Broad said...

Oh My Goodness. I have to get one of these things. And it's more likely that I'll get an iphone bf I'll get an expensive Cintiq (that last thing you tempted me with at this blog).

But I have 2 concerns:

1. Does the GPS actually TALK TO YOU OUT LOUD like the big GPS's that can be bought separate from the phone?

2. What's the measurements IN INCHES THAT I CAN DRAW WITH A RULER of the picture that you see when you use the phone as a camera?

There's so much to do. Wanting an iphone, but I haven't taken the time to look in the store yet. I get intimidated about the confusion every time I try to buy more technology.

Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

count me into the club, I just got mine yesterday. I went from my blackjack to the Iphone 3G, and all I can say is this phone has it all and right at your very finger tips. Is there any advice how to remove various applications, I don't really care about knowing stocks.