Cripple Con 2

This weekend I'll be near Kansas City, MO. Why? Oh, just to make fun of everything and anything, party with some friends, listen to some great live music, create ridiculous art and see some pals that I neglect for 11.75 months out of the year (sad).

Yes, it's the 2nd of the CRIPPLE CON species, and it is going to be bigger and broker. I'm quite excited. If you don't know what it is, go HERE to read, and you should probably just book a flight and room and show up. It will be a ton of fun (yes, 2,000 lbs of a grand ole' time)!

Anyway, by now I'm on the road (ah... scheduled blog posts...) and I'll be having fun this weekend. I've got some great news about the next book coming up, so check back in a couple days.


Gabriel Hunt said...

So...where are the sketches???

Joe Bluhm said...

I don't have photos of any of the art from Cripple Con. If anyone else who attended does, I'd love to get them and post some here. Email me at joe AT joebluhm DOT com - thanks.