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Hey there. If you scoot on over to the Digital Art Podcast blog (link on the right, there...), you'll see a new video of an illustration. This is a new take, not just some caricature while I gab the whole time. It's something I've been thinking about for a long time, to it feels great to get it "out" of me. I hope the band, Blitzen Trapper, likes this...

...and I hope you like it, as well. Smile.gif (93 bytes)

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l e d o said...

Hey that illustration came out pretty sweet. I really like all the little details, especially the rust on the windshield frame, nice touch.
Blitzen Trapper is a pretty diverse group, I like their stuff. Have you ever heard of "King Khan and the Shrines"? If you haven't, check them out, I think you might dig them as well. Track of note "No Regrets" from "What is?!" album.