2nd time around

This couple approached the stand and wanted to be drawn together - a great attitude, so I decided to take my time. His turned out very disappointing, in my mind. I saw so much more volume and dimension in his upper-lip, and lost a lot of space and depth around his eyes. Hers was nearly what I was picturing, so I was fairly pleased with it. They loved it, as eventually I learned I drew him over 2 years ago, as part of a couple (x-wife, or something along those lines). I guess 2nd time around was an improvement (according to him)... and he likes funny ones. I give this one a B-, only because I was okay with her sketch.


Anonymous said...

I love your stuff,mister!

Anonymous said...

I love you

Subho said...

Amazing how u, contracted the lady's eyes with the glasses......Really ought out the cheezy look!! :}