BIG update!

Leaving New York
Well, temporarily. I've done a good amount of work in the animation industry, in short spurts over the last three years and it's something I'm ready to take on full-time. While I don't want to get rid of my own ambitions like painting, illustration, publishing, and other new projects, I am pushing towards a career in animation, through visual development and character design.

This brings me to my new job, starting next week. I'll be heading to Shreveport, Louisiana on April 1st to help create storyboards and design on a new project with William Joyce of "Robots" and "Meet the Robinsons" fame. I'll be down south for about three months, and I'm really looking forward to working around the clock and creating a fun portfolio for this field in animation.

Sketch Infectus is out there
The pre-orders have been mailed and the book is stocked in the warehouse and ready for sale. I've seen a few reviews online (and won't discourage more!), and they are really positive and exciting! If you haven't seen it yet, drop by the Art Squared publishing website and take a peek. I'm quite proud of this book and hope you'll pick it up and get inspired.

Daily Sketchbook
With the aforementioned projects and time-consuming preparation, I've slacked a little on my updates and new personal goal to share something new from my sketchbook every single day. I'll do my best to keep updated, and here's another page from my sketchbook. This was just one of several fun warmup pages the other night... more sketches to come, this week.

Comic Conventions

I've been attending a few shows on behalf of myself and Art Squared Publishing, and they have been going great. Everyone visiting, getting their caricatures and books, have been delightful. Here are some photos from the most recent show, MegaCon in Orlando, FL:

The next appearances will be at the always amazing Toronto Comics Art Festival in May, then MoCCA in NYC. Hope to see you at either of those events. They are really fun and inspiring.


Lar said...

Wow, Joe! You had teased at you heading to Louisana but not that it was for some exciting work. Sadly the nature of animation nowadays does seem to be all about contract jobs and constant networking. I know you'll do fantastic :)

Marco Bucci said...

Congrats on that gig Joe! That should be a good one.
And if you want a place to stay while you're in Toronto, I'm offering. I've got a spare room, plenty of space, and my place is a short subway ride away from the event.

Betsy Bauer said...

Best of luck! My buddy Adam Volker is working down at that studio as well. Can't wait to see what comes of the project!

Jeff Pecina said...

I think everyones been waiting some time to see your live caricatures again joe, looking forward to more.

Ique said...

Hi Joe,
I found you! Great week that we spent at Kruger´s worshrkshop, isn´t? I add your blog in my favorites´s blog links.

Attractive Art Community (Big Sam) said...

congradulations man! maybe i'll be animating one of your designs one day! you just make sure you get my drawings done too mister! ha! good luck

Nelson Santos said...

Hey Joe just wanna congratulate you for your book just got it out of my mailbox very inspiring stuff man! Keep on going you rock.

Vincenzo said...

Trading Gumbo for Bagels!

Best of luck and knock'em dead...but we all know you will!!!

emerson Calderon said...

Hi Joe,

This more than a comment is a question, I hope you have the time to answer it. How long does it usually take you to draw a caricature like the one at the bottom of this post? I'm trying to get into the life caricature business but it take me over 20min to really get the likeness out of a person a come out with something relatively decent, and some colleagues here in town consider this is extremely too much time.

Thanks in advance for your time.


Joe Bluhm said...

Thanks all!

Emo- that particular drawing took about 10-15 minutes. I agree, in a retail or party environment that is usually 'too long'. I'll post a "live caricature" thread here on my blog this week, just for you, and talk about this in more detail. (and you too, Jeff)

Jesse Smith said...

Your caricatures are dope!! Thanx for the comment:)

Puebla said...

I've got 'Infectus'. Congratulations!!!

Unknown said...

holy crap i made the poster!!!! cool. you would be completely ashamed of how little i've drawn since i left florida..i'm itching to get back to it. looks like you're doing really well for yourself. i'm so proud!! *TEAR*

McTodd said...

Belated congratulations on the move, and also thank you very much for the wonderful copy of 'Sketch Infectus' I received! It was great seeing an actual original sample of your sketch work, as well as a nice print of JFK (and some other bloke)!