Sketching again

EDIT: Extended Sketchbook Giveaway offer at the Art Squared Blog!

Sketching is so important. I feel like I have no clue what I'm doing sometimes. But after a few warmup doodles or sketches, it hits me and it feels natural again. Here are a few recent drawings from my sketchbook.

These are just quick observational sketches from photos, just to pass time and keep 'limber.' They are done with Prismacolor markers, fine-liner pens and Faber-Castell PITT brush pens on a simple white sketchbook from Barnes & Noble (good prices on sketchbooks).

Please excuse the lack of posts here, recently. I have been traveling a lot, and it's been quite hectic, however both New York Comic Con and Orlando MegaCon went far better than I had hoped. Thanks to everyone who dropped by, I'll have more photos and stories very soon.



Brian Churilla said...


Amy said...

Lovely brush work. I have one of those nice Japanese Pentel brush pens but I still can't get the hang of it.

Yeah, hauling yourself past those first few creaky sketches of the day is a pain ;)

ramanjit said...

after a long time almost one month you are back .
hello sir....love to see your work keep blogging.

Brad said...

great sketches!! great style!

McTodd said...

Wonderful work, as always, and great to see you blogging again after an interval.

And also, a thank you for extending your Sketch Infectus pre-order offer, which I had originally missed (I was gutted!) but have now been able to take advantage of, thanks to the delivery delay!

Char Reed said...

It's great to see another update from you. You seem so busy lately- hope you've been having fun! I really like the parrots and the expression on the smiling guy's face.

Vincenzo said...

Great stuff...preparing for "SKETCH INFECTUS 2" I see...I know I hear you, "Jeez Vin, let me get #1 out first"!!

Looking forward to it's arrival :)