SKETCH INFECTUS has arrived!

So the bulk shipment of the books has arrived! I am quickly printing, packing, and preparing the books for you, so hopefully I can get the books out by Friday, Saturday or Monday.

FINAL NOTICE: The "pre-order" stage is over as of midnight tonight (okay, if you read this by 1:00 am, I'll let it slide), so tell your friends and get the last orders in, because with a pre-order you get a free sketch clipped from one of my sketchbooks, as well as another small gift from me. But remember, that's over TONIGHT, March 18th at midnight.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has already ordered the book and been very patient. You are all so amazing to support the arts and an artist like me, as well as being into sharing inspiration and method. It's so cool, and this is why I do it-- I'm happy to say there has been nearly 300 books sold, already! This is the one I'm most proud of, and I am so blessed to have so many amazing artists and supporters notice what I do, as well as sharing it with others and supporting the arts. So again, thank you.


A.M.Bush said...

Gimme mah book

The Anne Society

Jamie Linfoot said...

So looking forward to getting this book. You have no idea.

Puebla said...
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Anonymous said...

Joe, just got my pre-ordered masterpiece yesterday here in Tallahassee. Talk about your inspiration, after looking through your latest book I am infected with it by Infectus. I think I'll get back on the Forum and give it a go.
Thanks for sharing Joe, you're about as good as they get!

Eddie Van Gogh said...

I just wanted to share that infectus is great reference material for any aspiring Artist and has helped me improve my sketching skills by studying your drawings.Thanks Joe for sharing your talent!